15 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores in 2024

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You’ve got an eye for design, you’re a fashion guru, and you’re itching to launch your clothing store into the world… but you need some website guidance first. Sound like you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This article is a crash course in using Shopify apps for fashion to create or improve your ecommerce clothing business. With so many apps, benefits, and capabilities available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Through extensive trial and research, we’ll introduce 15 of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores and explain how they can benefit you and your store.

Why Is Shopify Good for Clothing Stores?

Shopify is one of the biggest and the best ecommerce platforms around – in fact, in our research it comes out as the second best ecommerce builder on the market! And it is particularly good for clothing stores given the huge potential for personalization and growth.

With an impressive inventory system, Shopify can handle tons of variants such as different colors and sizes – perfect for a growing clothing store!

Shopify enables you to not only sell clothes on your website, but also across multiple marketplaces and social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

To find out more, don’t miss our full Shopify review here! Or if you’re just bothered about how much it costs, check out our Shopify Pricing review.

What Is a Shopify App?

So what is a Shopify app, we hear you ask? Essentially, it is any kind of plugin that enables you to access a special feature or functionality. Incredibly, there are over 3,000 apps available on the Shopify app store. This means that the ability to customize your Shopify store is practically limitless.

Of course, with so many Shopify apps to choose from, you could become overwhelmed by the choice! It can help to consider the following criteria when selecting apps which are right for your store:

  • Cost: how much are you willing to spend to access the app?
  • Functionality: will integrating the app make life easier for you, or your customers?
  • Reviews: what are the Shopify community saying about the app?
  • Tech support: if things go wrong, is there a support team on hand?

Do You Want to Explore the Shopify App Store?

Feel free to head on over and explore Shopify’s App Store before checking out our top 15 picks for your Shopify clothing store. We’ll wait!

15 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

1: Point of Sale

Why? Unify your in-person and online sales

Cost? Free plans available, then $89 per month

Point of Sale is an essential app for anyone selling on multiple platforms, who wishes to sync up their real-life stores, virtual stores and third-party marketplaces. We recommend it because it will help you, the store owner, to streamline your selling and manage customers, orders and inventory. Even more importantly, it’ll benefit your customers, as they get a seamless service wherever they purchase from.

The good news is, the free version – Shopify POS Lite – is included with all Shopify plans, so you can start using it today for no charge.

To read how to start an online clothing store in 10 easy steps, take a look at our full guide.

Dashboard overview of Shopify's Point of Sale app from a tablet and mobile phone view
You can install the Shopify Point of Sale app for free on any Shopify plan.

2: Linktree

Why? Reach new customers and increase sales

Cost? Free plan available. Paid plans range from $5 to $24/month

Anyone with an ecommerce clothing brand will understand that social media is an essential tool for showcasing your collections and building a loyal fanbase. Linktree helps you to leverage the power of social media, and the all-important “link in bio” tool. We recommend Linktree because of its glowing customer reviews: most users love how their customers can shop their clothing lines without leaving the social platform.

Demonstration of how Linktree works on mobile devices
If your online clothing store has a social media presence, Linktree is a great Shopify app to use!

3: Shoppable Fashion Galleries

Why? Create interactive lookbooks to help sell your clothes

Cost? Free plans available, then $5.90/month for Pro version

Lookbooks allow you to experiment with visuals by creating images with clickable elements, links and integrated products. Shoppable Fashion Galleries can help you take your ecommerce clothing store to the next level, beyond straightforward photographs and into the 21st century! Features like “shop the look” and the ability to customize designs and colors will make your store visually-appealing.

Shoppabel Fashion Galleries Shopify app in use, displaying products in unique ways
One of the best Shopify apps for fashion, Shoppabel Fashion Galleries is a great way to spice up your store's look!

4: Shippo

Why? An end-to-end shipping integration

Cost? Starter plan is free to install, professional plan is $10/month

Shippo allows you to manage the shipping process end-to-end, and access favorable rates on most shipping carriers including UPS, DHL, and FedEx. It provides analytics and insights to monitor how your shipments are performing, and can automate processes such as creating shipping labels and splitting orders into multiple shipments. Put simply, this app will make your life easier.

List of orders within the Shippo Shopify app, demonstrating how you can manage all of your shipping in one place
Need a helping hand with shipping for your clothing store? Shippo is an end-to-end shipping integration designed to make your life easier!

5: Instafeed

Why? Creates elegant and shoppable Instagram feeds to encourage sales

Cost? Free plan available. Paid plans ranges from $5.99 to $15.99/month

Fashion fans love Instagram – fact! Instafeed is a no-brainer for those wishing to use Instagram to drive sales. The app acts as an integration between your Instagram feed and Shopify store by creating shoppable feeds. Clever built-in technology will ensure your content is always fresh, dynamic, and optimized towards selling.

Instafeed product demonstration featuring uploaded images
Do you love interacting with your customers on Instagram? Then Instafeed is a great way to drive your sales.

6: Loox

Why? Turn customer and product reviews into sales

Cost? From $9.99/month

Loox is all about reviews and referrals, and using the power of those who already love your brand to drive further sales. Use it to send automatic review requests, incentivize reviews, and collect high quality content of your happy customers. The more reviews and referrals you can collect, the more you’ll see the power of social proof grow your business.

Collection of product reviews for various products
Do you struggle to get reviews? Loox sends automatic review requests to encourage more customers to share their experiences with your brand.

7: Tidio

Why? Live chat and chatbots improve your customer experience

Cost? Free plan available. Paid plans range from $19 to $289/month

Customers expect brilliant customer service, and a convenient way to offer this 24/7 is by using chatbots. There are many chatbot providers available, and Tidio is one of the best in the Shopify marketplace because it is highly customizable, intuitive, and allows you to integrate live chat, chatbots, email, Instagram, and Facebook messenger all in one place.

What the business sees vs what the visitor sees when using chatbot and messaging app Tidio
If you're looking for an app to help you improve your customer experience, Tidio is a great chatbot and messaging app (and it's free!)

8: Printful

Why? Print on demand dropshipping and warehouse service

Cost? Free plan available. Paid plans range from $9 to $49/month

Design, print, sell, and ship a huge range of clothing items including hoodies, t-shirts, and baseball caps. Printful allows you to turn your creative ideas into real life products, and deals with all the (boring) administrative work such as fulfillment, storage, and shipping. It’s also highly-regarded by Shopify users, with many rating it 5 stars out of 5.

Examples of designs and mockups created using the Shopify app Printful
You may have heard of Printful as the popular print-on-demand dropshipping company. Well, now you can integrate it with your own Shopify clothing store!

9: Shopify Email

Why? Email marketing made for commerce

Cost? The first 10,000 manual or automated emails each month are free. After that, it’s $1 for every 1,000 emails you send.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business, and there are a multitude of platforms and services out there to help you do this. A big advantage of Shopify Email is how it is fully integrated with your Shopify account, so you can design, send, and monitor performance of your emails all in one place. There’s clever features for automating your email campaigns, helping you to work smarter.

Designing an email using Shopify Email
If you want to explore email marketing, Shopify Email is a great option - and the first 10,000 emails each month are free.

Find out more

Understand more about the best email marketing services out there by reading our article.

10: Pinterest

Why? Get your products in front of shoppers on Pinterest

Cost? Totally free – you will only be charged if you purchase additional ads

Pinterest acts as a source of outfit inspiration for many, meaning it’s a natural choice for anyone looking to build up their clothing ecommerce site. By uploading your product catalog to Pinterest, you can get your products in front of a potential audience of 40 million!

Pay a little extra in the form of paid advertising, and you’ll boost the chance of your items being seen even further.

3 examples of how Pinterest looks when viewed on a mobile device
Pinterest is a great asset for clothing stores, and the Shopify app is totally free to integrate with your store.

11: Matrixify

Why? Handle data with ease

Cost? Free plan available. Paid plans range from $20 to $200/month

This app is a little more technical, but stick with us! Matrixify promises to save you days of manual work by handling all your store data. You can import and export data, update existing store data such as pricing or inventory, and sync up and manage data that spans different types of store or warehouse. Put simply: it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Backend view of exported store data using Matrixify
Do you spend your days struggling with data? Matrixify is designed to save you time by handling store data for you.

12: Carro

Why? Digital inventory sourcing from thousands of vetted partners

Cost? Free to list products on Carro, and from $50/month to act as a retailer

Carro connects participating Shopify stores to enable cross-selling. It effectively gives you the opportunity to increase your product range, without the need to actually manage inventory. This can be a way for like-minded brands to work together in a way that’s mutually-beneficial, and you can be confident that the products you’re promoting are fully vetted.

Carro Shopify app in use on a product page, featuring buttons to add products to your Shopify store
Carro connects participating Shopify stores to help you cross-sell.

13: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Why? Loyalty points, rewards, and referrals to retain your customers

Cost? Free plan available, $49/month for the starter plan

Smile are experts in loyalty and reward programs that help to increase sales, improve brand loyalty, and increase repeat sales. Loyalty programs are a form of gamification marketing, a technique that uses human psychology to create fun, playful, and rewarding shopping experiences.

Although there are several similar loyalty providers to choose from, it’s worth pointing out the excellent reviews users give the Smile app.

Homepage for loyalty and reward app Smile on Shopify's app store
Smile's excellent reviews make it stand out from other loyalty and rewards apps.

14: Privy

Why? Email marketing, SMS, pop ups, cross sell, banners & bars

Cost? Free to install, up to 100 email contacts. Paid plans range from $15 to $70/month

You’ve got an ecommerce website, but how can you make it work harder for you? Privy may be the answer! It’s been used by over 700,000 businesses already to grow their email and SMS lists, send text messages, and make their websites convert better using pop ups and banners.

We particularly like how Privy has (real human) support staff on hand seven days a week to help guide you through.

Shopify app Privy's homepage, featuring a sign up form
Other businesses use Privy to build their email and SMS marketing lists.

15: Buy Button channel

Why? Sell your products on any website or blog

Cost? Free

Our final recommendation is simple and free – a no-brainer! Buy Button allows you to create a button for any product or collection, and place it on any website or blog around the web.

This means you can use different websites, blogs, or affiliate sites, such as WordPress, Squarespace, or Tumblr to reach more customers, and all clicks or sales from the button are fully trackable.

Find out how to use the Shopify Buy button here.

Buy Button homepage within your Shopify backend dashbaord, featuring a button to select products or collection
Shopify's free Buy Button lets you create a button for any product, and sell across any website you own!


We hope this list of the best Shopify apps for clothing stores has helped provide some inspiration for your ecommerce clothing store, and the types of Shopify apps available. Whether it’s to bring in more customers via email marketing, showcase your product range with an Instagram gallery, or improve your customer experience with chatbots – there’s a huge range of apps to explore… and many of them are free!

Remember, the key things to look out for are functionality, user reviews, and whether tech support is available. As you will have seen in this article, many of the best apps offer free trials – so don’t be afraid to try before you buy!


One of the leading ecommerce platforms, designed to help people build and grow their ecommerce businesses. We recommend Shopify for large businesses selling 10 products or more, because its powerful inventory and huge app store are perfect for supporting growth.
An integration, plugin, or piece of software that enables you to access clever features and fully customize your ecommerce store. You’ll find over 3,000 apps to choose from in the Shopify App Store.
First and foremost, consider what functionality you need. What will improve your customer experience, and also make life easier for you? User reviews, cost, and technical support are also factors to consider.
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